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Sim Racing Shop - we have the equipment for your ultimate racing experience

Motorsport and racing experiences have captivated thousands of people for generations. However, real racing adventures are not only expensive and logistically complex, in times of sustainability and climate discussions, racing is also increasingly being criticized. With our Sim Racing Shop, however, you can easily bring your virtual racing experiences home with you.

Sim Racing Shop - the fascination of racing at home

Sim racing is enjoying an ever-growing fan base. However, the selection of good sim racing stores is still very limited. And not everyone who plays racing games on a PC or console is also a sim racer. Conventional racing games have to appeal to a wide range of players in order to be commercially successful. For this reason, the level of difficulty is usually not set so high. Most racing games therefore have little in common with a realistic driving experience and a real racing atmosphere.

Simracing is more of a niche that is dedicated to demanding and therefore realistic racing simulations. It is precisely because of this realistic simulation of races that the number of simracing fans continues to grow. For the most realistic racing experience possible, you need the right sim racing hardware.

But which sim racing store is the right one? Here at you will find everything that will make your sim racing heart beat faster!

Sim Racing Shop - We have the right equipment for you!

Gone are the days when racing simulations were played on a PC with a keyboard. Although almost every sim racer today probably started out this way and was infected with the virtual racing spirit, nowadays every sim racing enthusiast has a wide range of equipment to choose from in the Sim Racing Shop. Only with this equipment can you put together your very own virtual racing car and thus ensure an optimal racing experience.

Sim Racing equipment - which hardware for your ultimate racing experience?

With the right equipment, racing simulation in your own four walls becomes the ultimate experience. However, beginners to sim racing often ask themselves what equipment and hardware they actually need.

This question is not so easy to answer, especially for newcomers. From the wheelbase to the steering wheel to the pedals, good simracing hardware is not an insignificant investment. Between technical terms such as DirectDrive, SC Wireless, Loadcell and others, newcomers in particular can quickly lose track. We are therefore happy to advise you in detail on choosing the right simracing equipment for your ultimate racing experience.


Are you looking for a good sim racing store you can trust? And are you wondering why you should choose of all places?

In addition to a large selection of the best equipment and suitable hardware, we can also provide you with detailed advice and the best support - even after your purchase. Our range is constantly being expanded and kept up to date. Why can you rely on the SimRaceShop team?

As a passionate simracer, I know exactly what is important when choosing the right equipment. The idea for came about because I was looking for a suitable sim racing store myself. As I couldn't find a sim racing store in German-speaking countries that could meet my own requirements, I decided to set up my own sim racing store for enthusiastic sim racers. This shop should not only offer suitable products, but also comprehensive support.

From the scene, for the scene - according to this motto, my team and I bring the SimRaceShop to life every day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Your store for SimRacing hardware and accessories

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