EvilRank DID

Evil Racing - Evilrank DID

Developed by Evil Racing in cooperation with SimRaceShop.de

A SimRacing driver information display in an aluminum case.

The SimHub profile of @fullpacesimracing (Instagram) and the changelogs you can get here

Evilrank Version 1.1 >> DOWNLOAD <<

Requires at least Simhub v8.3.7

- ACC now shows rain light on / off
- Display for Simhub Telemtrie recording on / off
- Display for invalid lap in qualifying / hotlap mode
- Leaderboad now shows in qualifying the positions 1-7 or 1-6 and the player position (if it is greater than 7)
- DRS zones are now also displayed in Raceroom
- Pages concerning racing (= sessions with at least one opponent) are hidden in single player modes.
- Menu items related to racing are grayed out in single player modes

- Increase of rendering time of many elements to 1x / second to save CPU power
- Many smaller code optimizations

- ERS widget is now only shown in vehicles with (K)ERS
- Fixed the blue "flickering" of the Delta widgets